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Millions of data of influencers in Instagram leaks on online database


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News24xx.com - Personal data, including personal contact information from millions of Instagram account users leaked to the public. Quoted from Tech Crunch, on Tuesday, May 21st 2019, it seems that the leaked data was previously collected and posted to an online database. Security observer Anurag Sen reported this finding. He said, this database allegedly contained telephone numbers, email IDs and other personal information of famous influencers.

The victims are Instagram accounts belonging to popular brands, influencers and celebrities. Still comes from Anurag, he said most of this data contains more than 49 million entries and is hosted by Amazon Web Services. Anurag tries to trace its origin, to find the cause and secure open data.

"Based on the search, the trace was found and the database owner turned out to be an Indian social media marketing company called Chtrbox" he claimed. Chtrbox, a marketing company based in Mumbai, pays Instagram influencers to post ads on their account.

Apparently, they obtained data to calculate the appropriate payment to the Instagram account holder for sponsored content. The database contains records that determine the net worth of each account based on factors such as number of likes, shares, number of followers, interactions and reach.

Records found contain explicit information for each account including public and private information about media influencers and bloggers. In addition to personal telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, other information leaked from this database are profile pictures, bio, number of followers and whether users have verified their location on Instagram by city or country.




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