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An restaurant in China returned money that found in birthday cake to the owner


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News24xx.com -  Money cake trend or cash-filled cakes in it are indeed popular and often become gifts and birthday cakes ordered by many people. 

Starting popular since last year, this one cake creation is quite unique, because the inside of the cake will contain cash.

It also happened in one restaurant, located in the Yancheng region, Jiangsu Province, East China. 

Reported by the Global Times, May 24 2019, at that time one of the restaurant employee was cleaning the former dining table. Later, he found a bundle of 100 yuan bills. This money is found sticking in a birthday cake that has been eaten in half.  

Of course this money discovery made the employee and restaurant manager surprised. Fortunately, guests who left the cake filled with money, ordered a table in a special room so the restaurant immediately contacted him again.

After being contacted by the restaurant, the guest named Zhou and Xiaonan came back to the restaurant.

It turned out that Zhou was celebrating his wife birthday, Xiaonan. While this birthday cake was brought by one of Xiaonan's friends, so they did not know that in the birthday cake there was a lot of cash. 

"We are not aware that there is still a lot of money that left inside," Zhou said when asked why he did not bring the rest of the cake.






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