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5 years old cancer fighter gets a F1 racing car given by Louis Hamilton


Harry Shaw and his parents Harry Shaw and his parents

News24xx.com - It’s never been imagined by a five-year-old boy who is fighting cancer that he can get super cool prize, which is an actual Formula One car that has been used for racing in F1 race. The boy, Harry Shaw had previously sent Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver, a lucky message before the race. As a thank you, Hamilton and the Mercedes GP team sent a F1 car to Harry's house.

"Today, I am very moved by this child who sent me a message. He is an angel of my spirit" Hamilton said quoted from the NY Post. "I'm looking for inspiration and something to hold, so I dedicate today's match (in Barcelona) for him."

Harry himself is diagnosed with ewing's sarcoma, a form of bone cancer that is rare. The treatment he has to do contantly is chemotherapy, and Harry is always eager to do it. Harry's parents, Charlotte and James even raise money to help them to pay fot his treatment on a fund raising page. After Hamilton gave a gift to Harry, the funds raised more than USD 100 thousand, equivalent to IDR 1.4 billion.

"I don't know Lewis Hamilton, but I think what we see is that he is a sincere, respectful, and kind person. That is the heartfelt message he did and he won the Grand Prix for Harry and that will always be remembered by Harry" said James told the BBC. "This brings a smile into his life (Harry), and we are greatly thank you (Hamilton) for that" Charlotte added.





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