The longest suspension bridge in Switzerland


The longest suspension bridge in Switzerland The longest suspension bridge in Switzerland - Few days ago, the world's longest suspension bridge opened in Switzerland. Tourists can see beautiful scenery but not recommended for people with acrophobia.

Reported from CNN, Tuesday (1/8), a suspension bridge for pedestrians is located in the town of Zermatt. Reaching 494 metres in length and with a height of 85 meters, the bridge offers views of Mount Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Bernese Alps or the mountains of the Alps.

Charles Kuonen Bridge is officially opened on 29 July. According to the Tourism of Zermatt, the bridge is also a record-breaking suspension bridge for pedestrians, the longest in the world.

"How often do you cross the suspension bridge that breaks the world record? The sensation when you are on top of the cliffs below this height is indescribable,"said Daniel Luggen, Director Zermatt Tourism, during the inauguration of the bridge.

Suspension bridge replaced the old bridge that had been damaged by the falling rocks. The naming of the bridge is in accordance with its main sponsors, namely a psychologist and also owner of the winery in Switzerland.

This bridge spans the Valley between Zermatt and Grachen. By crossing the suspension bridge of Charles Kuonen, a traveler will cut the journey that was supposed to traverse the Valley with a mileage of more than three hours to just 10 minutes. The total travel time between Grachen Village and Zermatt cityis about two days on foot.




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