Turns out, just by circumcising our penis can help us to stop HIV to attack ourselves


Illustration Illustration - Not all men are circumcised, even though circumcision has enormous benefits for health, one of which is preventing transmission of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Circumcision is done by removing the foreskin or the skin of the tip of the penis.

Neurosurgeon from the Sunat House, Mahdian Nur Nasution, SpBS said that the foreskin of the penis produces mucous that is called smegma, which is a penile excrement.

"In the process of sexual intercourse, the skin will rub on the inside of the vagina. And due to the foreskin on the penis, the mucous will be easily separated from the penis, which will occur some blisters both on the penis and vagina, that's where the HIV virus will come out” he explained when met in the Matraman area, East Jakarta, on Tuesday, June 18th 2019.

On the male penis that has been circumcised, Dr.Mahdian said the structure of the penis will be more slippery and fit in the vagina. In this condition, the risk of blisters will decrease.

In addition to preventing HIV transmission, circumcision also has other benefits, such as preventing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, preventing the risk of urinary tract infections, the penis becomes cleaner, and can even prevent the risk of penile cancer. "For long term benefit, circumcision can prevent penile cancer and cervical cancer" said Dr.Mahdian.


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