Three rich people in Indonesia who died in an unexpected way


Three rich people in Indonesia who died in an unexpected way Three rich people in Indonesia who died in an unexpected way -  Being rich is desire of every one in this world. As experienced by three rich people in Indonesia. Treasures abound and successful careers they have gained. However, it turns out that death took their lives in a way alone.

Here are three rich people in Indonesia who died in an unexpected way:

1. The businessman of Dodi Triono

The murder case that was allegedly robbed of the family of Dodi Triono (59) shocked Indonesia residents.

The incident of murder on Monday afternoon and the victims were found dead on Tuesday morning, December 27, 2016. Dodi Triono works as an architect, a successful entrepreneur, and also being the head of RT 12 RW 16 in Pulomas Residence complex.
Dodi has some magnificent houses, luxury cars and expensive sporty cars. The rich businessman have a hobby to collecting sports car Completly Built Up (CBU).

Dodi Triono live in Pulomas Residence since five years ago. He just moved to the house on Jalan Pulomas Utara number 7A since two years ago because the house at Pulomas Residence was totally renovated.

In the robbery, eleven people were forced into a very narrow bathroom. Six people who are died consist of one family of Dodi Triono, servants, chauffeurs and friend of his child. And the other five still survived.

2. The businessman of Bob Sadino


This quirky businessman died on Monday, January 19, 2015 at Pondok Indah Hospital. He is passed away at the age of 81 years.

Bob who was born on March 9, 1933 in Tanjung Karang, Lampung, is an Indonesian entrepreneurial character who is able to break the limits of fairness that the business must be run with persistence and hard work.

After being treated, Bob Sadino finally breathed his last in Pondok Indah Hospital Jakarta.

From close relative Zainal Abidin who said Bob Sadino died at 17:55 pm, local time, having previously been sick for two months.

Bob Sadino is said to have been unconscious in 2-3 weeks. His illness is related to his advanced age.

Bob Sadino was born in Lampung, March 9, 1939 and was the original name of Bambang Mustari Sadino. Its success comes from food business and animal husbandry business.

The proof of his success is the Kem Chicks supermarket whose customers are mostly foreign citizens. He also set up a sausage and ham factory and a vegetable garden called PT Kem Foods and PT Kem Farms.


3. The businessman of DL Sitorus

DR Sutan Raja Derianus Lunggung Sitorus aka DL Sitorus, owner of oil palm plantations covering 47,000 hectares died in the plane traveling alone from Jakarta to Medan.

In North Sumatra, who does not know the deceased, especially the environmentalists. News of his death spread quickly and became viral.

One entrepreneur who entered the ranks of the richest people in Indonesia is known to have no debts in the bank. He employs tens of thousands of people and many people depend on him.

Call it some institutions and companies that he founded. Starting from Yayasan Pendidikan Indonesia Membangun (Yapim) in Medan, Yadika Hospital in Karang Tengah, Jakarta, bank, showroom, hotel, property, and any other.

DL Sitorus passed away when he was fly with Garuda Indonesia, number flight GA 188 from Jakarta to Medan on Thursday 3 August 2017 afternoon. While on the plane, the deceased suddenly short of breath and then declared dead by doctors at the airport.

The evacuation process had made the plane delayed its departure almost two hours. After being confirmed dead, the deceased's body was escorted by CTF officers to a hospital in Karang Tengah to be handed over to his family and buried




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