Joe Taslim is announced as the first cast that will join the production of live adaptation movie of Mortal Combat


Joe Taslim Joe Taslim - Joe Taslim has just been officially announced to join a Hollywood production film that adapted the famous video game 'Mortal Kombat'. The film, produced by James Wan, wants to use the services of Joe Taslim to portray the original character of the game, Sub-Zero.

Quoted from The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Taslim is announced as the first actor who officially joined as the cast of this movie, which is planned to begin the shooting process in Australia in the near future.

Besides James Wan, other producers who will involve on this movie are Todd Garner and Michael Cleaer.

Mortal Kombat itself is a game loved by the public which was released in 1992. Previously, this game itself had been made into a movie in 1995 film which was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. However, the film did not get a good response in the theater.


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