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War of rice, Indonesian local tradition in Wonogiri


War of rice, Indonesian local tradition in Wonogiri War of rice, Indonesian local tradition in Wonogiri -  Hundreds of residents of Tambakselo village, district Kedunggalar, Wonogiri, crowded the local village. They wait to throw the rice they already carried.In the village, there is war of riceritual. The ritual is held every year on the second rice harvest season. The goal for thanks to a bountiful harvest.

The village chief of Planglor, Suyadisaid, this ritual is done of succession since ancestors. This ritual is followed nearly by all citizens. Each head of a family carrying a rice wrapper leaves of teak and banana leaves.

Then the rice is gathered at the Center. Because of many rice brought citizens, we can see rice mountain.

"After being prayed for, heaps of rice and fish they make partially being eaten and parts being made as materials of war, each other was freeto threw the rice. Free throws to anyone who is on site. The people who get hit should not angry or have a grunge,"said Suyadi told reporters at the site, Friday (4/8).

Peolple who follow this rice was is complete, ranging from adults, teens, and children. Men and women mingled one on site.

They were throwing and dodging each other. They also leaping at each other. Some of them even fall. After the war, most residents picking up leftover rice that can still be saved to be eaten.



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