The population and civil registration department of Meranti adds new office in order to improve their service


Disdukcapil Meranti Disdukcapil Meranti - The Population and Civil Registration Department (Disdukcapil) of Meranti, Riau, is adding a new building. This is done to improve their service.

They already begin building the new structure, with the budget of IDR 270,828,744,53. The location is right behind the current building.

“We are just adding a new building. This is because the current office is very small and many officials do not have a nice room,” said the Head of Disdukcapil, Drs. Hariandi Msi, on Monday, July 7th.

By adding a new building, Hariandi hopes that their performance will be better. The making of a new building has been suggested for a long time, but it is only able to be realized this year.

Some of the staff members will move there when the building is finished. Right now, they have to endure the cramped workspace.

“In this office, many officials and staff members do not have a desk. So they have to work in a cramped workspace. I hope that with this additional building, our workers can have better rooms to work in and work better,” he said.


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