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Dandim 0314 Inhil Expects Government's Role To Participate In Changing People's Mindset In Opening Land Without Burning


(Dandim 0314 / Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Andrian Siregar, S.I.P back down to the location of Forest and Land Fires / rgo) (Dandim 0314 / Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Andrian Siregar, S.I.P back down to the location of Forest and Land Fires / rgo) -

TEMBILAHAN - Military District Command Commander (Dandim) 0314 / Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Andrian Siregar, S.I.P returned to the location of the Forest and Land Fire (Karhutla) in Harapan Jaya Village, Monday 12 August 2019.

On this occasion Dandim 0314 / Inhil immediately saw and participated in putting out fires which burned approximately 20 hectares of community land in the form of rubber plants.

As a result of the act of people who are not responsible for this cause disrupted community income and cause a very adverse impact.

"We appeal to all levels of society through thinking first before clearing land by burning," he said

Not only that, Dandim 0314 / Inhil also invited officials in Inhil to attend and participate in changing people's minds in clearing land without burning through giving emphasis to the sub-district head, village heads, village heads and RT and RW to convey the dangers of forest and land fire.

"If necessary, give sanctions to village officials if in the village or kelurahan there are forest and land fires, don't just TNI and Polri and BPBD handle this issue, where are the village officials," he said again.

Furthermore, Lt. Col. Inf Andrian Siregar said that various efforts had been made to help extinguish forest and land fires by providing socialization and conducting patrols to reduce the occurrence of forest fires.

"We have also issued the attention of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Regarding Forest and Land fires, namely: First: Prioritize prevention through patrols and early detection, Second: structuring peat ecosystems to keep peat wet, Third: immediately possible to extinguish if there is a fire and extinguish it before the fire becomes large, Fourth: I haven't stepped up well and continue to improve and be consistent, "he said

Dandim further explained, this Attention will proceed if all parties go directly to the community and give Emphasis to the village head because in the Village Region and the village is the biggest cause of Karlahut.

"Inhil Regency Government can play an active role in dealing with forest and land fires, especially villages that still have land that is not productive into bushes. Moreover, the village is bordered by the Concertpation forest and bordered by protected forest," hoped the Dandim 0314 / Inhil. ***


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