Telegram apps finally can be accessed again


Telegram apps finally can be accessed again Telegram apps finally can be accessed again - The Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kominfo) eventually unblock the Telegram on yesterday, on Thursday, August 10 2017.

The announcement was pronounced through a press conference held at the Ministry of Kominfo, Jakarta. Minister of Communication and Informatics,Rudiantara, Director-General Aptika of the Ministry, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, and Taruli from Team Coordinator of Trust +.

Ministry of Communication said, the opening of this web version of the Telegram block thanks to the efforts of the two sides in overcoming negative content, particularly with regard to radicalism and terrorism.

"With the progress that equally done by Telegram and Kominfo, so, today's Telegram to its own reopened so that people can use, utilize web Telegram again,"Rudiantara said.

Kominfo blocking should be done because it explains a lotawful of propaganda channel service of radicalism, terrorism, speech hatred, call or how to assemble bombs, assault, disturbing images, and others, which are contrary to the laws and regulations in Indonesia.

Post blocking it, CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov directly react to visit Indonesia. Durov agreed on eradicate negative content on his site so that finally the Telegram web version can be accessed again today.


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