The fire that killed 34 people on a dive boat


fire on dive boat fire on dive boat - The fire that killed 34 people on a commercial dive boat off the California coast started while all crew members were asleep, the investigators Thursday, confirming the lack of a ’’night watchman’’ whose job to look after the vessel overnight.

The 75-foot commercial dive boat, the conception, burst into flames off Santa Cruz Island early on September 2, but by the time five crew members above the deck noticed, the fire was already so intense that no one below can be saved.

Officials says that 33 passengers and a crew member died because of smoke inhalation before being burned. Only the five crew above deck can escape the flames.

The last body was recovered by divers on Wednesday.

According to its reporters, that the five crew members who survive were sleeping in upper-deck at the time was fire, as was the crew member who died were in the bunkroom.

Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire. 








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