A 40-year-old Malaysian man died in Nusa Penida island’s Diamond Beach


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet -  A 40-year-old Malaysian man died in Nusa Penida island’s Diamond Beach after he was swept away by big waves. The man and his wife were actually on a holiday in Nusa Penida, which is an island located to the southeast of Bali, Indonesia.

Nusa Penida sub-district police have identified the victim and revealed that his name is Shahfulnizam bin Jamaludin. 

In a statement, the police elaborated that Shahfulnizam and his wife had visited Diamond Beach around 12pm on 18 September 2019.

While they were there, he went for a swim, on his own, to enjoy the waters of Diamond Beach and his wife decided to chill on the beach. The statement read,

“…The victim went (for a) swim by himself, while his wife sat on the beach. Not long after, he was hit by a huge wave and was dragged further into the sea.”

The report revealed that Shahfulnizam tried to fight the waves and he momentarily found success but unfortunately, the waves got too strong that he eventually drowned.

Following that, local people tried to save him by using the canoe but much to their dismay, Shahfulnizam was not responding and “his face had turned blue”.

Putu Gede Ardana, the spokesman for Klungkung Police was quoted as saying,

“The body of the deceased is now with Pratama Nusa Penida Hospital as we await the family’s decision and word from the consulate.”

If you didn’t know, Nusa Penida is one of the three Nusa islands (Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan) located near Bali.

Even though the Nusa islands lack infrastructure and have a poor safety record, visitors keep coming back to these islands because of their “laid back charm”.







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