An old woman was found dead at her own home in Tasik Tambahan Ampang with her hands bound


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet -  An 85-year-old woman was found dead at her own home in Tasik Tambahan Ampang with her hands bound on 19 September.

According to China Press, the corpse of the senior citizen was found by her 61-year-old son.

At 5pm, he went back home and noticed that the house was in a mess so he went to look for his mother. He found her body in one of the bedrooms with her head covered by a piece of cloth, hands bound, pants cut and face-down on the bed.

After the police received the report, they dispatched a forensic team along with a K9 unit to investigate. There were no surveillance cameras at that area and the neighbours reported that there was nothing amiss at that time. The police suspect that the victim was robbed and raped.

The police have now detained the deceased’s son to help out with investigations as they found him suspicious. They will also interrogate his boss to check if the 61-year-old has an alibi.

The family of the deceased said that the mother and son had a very good relationship with each other and they have lived together for many years. They also said that although the deceased had mild dementia, she was generally a healthy person. She had been staying in that area for about 30 years and she was well-loved by her neighbours.

The body was sent to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital where they will conduct a post-mortem to determine the cause of death.








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