Indra Gunawan Eed Acting Chairman of the Riau Defenitif DPRD


The plenary session as well as the announcement of the Chairperson of Riau DPRD 2019-2024 The plenary session as well as the announcement of the Chairperson of Riau DPRD 2019-2024 - Riau DPRD held a plenary session with a single agenda, namely the announcement of a definitive Riau DPRD chairman candidate proposal from the Riau DPRD Golkar faction, Friday 20 September 2019.

The plenary meeting was chaired by the Riau DPRD temporary chair, Sukarmis accompanied by the Riau DPRD Deputy Chairperson, Zukri Misran, and was also attended by Riau Deputy Governor, Edy Natar Nasution, and dozens of Riau DPRD members in attendance.

In his remarks, Sukarmis said, some time ago it had conducted a plenary session of the proposal of the leadership of the Riau DPRD from the Democratic, PDI P and Gerindra factions. "So in the plenary session today the council announced the Golkar faction," he said.

According to him, based on a letter from the Golkar DPD, Indra Gunawan Eed from the Group faction as the leader of the Riau DPRD in 2019-2024 replaced Sukarmis as the temporary chairman of the Riau DPRD.

"Henceforth the secretary of the Riau DPRD immediately follows it up to the process of filing a decree for the appointment of the Minister of Home Affairs through the Riau provincial government," he explained.

While Riau DPRD deputy chairperson Zukri Misran said, the process of drafting a decree from the definitive leadership of the council both the chair and three deputy chairs in the Ministry of Home Affairs normally takes two weeks.

"It is predicted that the four elements of the definitive leadership of the 2019-2024 period will be sworn in and sworn in simultaneously," he concluded.


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