KESIRA Riau Distributes Thousands of Masks to Pekanbaru Community


Health Care, KESIRA Riau Distributes Thousands of Masks to Pekanbaru Communities) Health Care, KESIRA Riau Distributes Thousands of Masks to Pekanbaru Communities) -

As a form of concern for health conditions due to the victims of smoke in Riau which continues to deteriorate, DPD Kesehatan Indonesia Raya (KESIRA) Riau Regional Corps distributed thousands of masks to the people of Pekanbaru. Saturday September 21 2019.

As stated by Secretary of DPD KESIRA Riau Indriani to The mask distribution was carried out in front of the Full MTQ and Pekanbaru Morning Market.

"We are distributing these masks in front of MTQ Sudirman Street and Pekanbaru Morning Market, starting at 09.00 WIB," he said.

Then the chairman of the Riau KESIRA DPD Marwan Yohanis said that the distribution of this mask as a form of KESIRA Riau concern for Health and human values, for victims caused by the haze that befalls Riau Province, the impact of the "omission" of burning forests and land (Karhutla), by a handful of people who want to rake in profits from the forests of Riau without regard to the environment.

Even if there are many noisy animals, we care and protect them, such as tigers, elephants, and others, especially humans who are disturbed, "What we hope is that there is concern for others towards the values ??of Humanity that we show," he said.

Riau DPRD member Inhu - Kuansing said that maybe the number of masks was not much compared to the number of people affected, but at least it could contribute and care. And this mask was donated by the Riau KESIRA management.

"Hopefully it can" knock the heart "of the central government related to the increasingly worrisome smoke condition, immediately reducing the help of workers, equipment, and medicines that are very much needed by the Riau People.

"When is it necessary that the area without fire is helped to Riau under the coordination of the central government, so that the fire is immediately extinguished and the smoke is soon gone, the Riau people can again see the blue sky, as mentioned by the POLRI officials. As exemplified by the DKI Regional Government "The Central Government has more authority and energy to settle this smoke," he hoped.

Related to that some say smoke is not as bad as what was reported, according to him the severe "OUR MENTAL", who does not care about the damaged environment by not giving very severe sanctions to the perpetrators and do not care about the people who are already suffering from illness and adversely impacting the society's economy as a result from all of that.

"Where is the second precepts of the Pancasila: A just and civilized humanity," Marwan Yohanis concluded.


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