A New Spot Selfie in Bantul Look Like in Japan


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - Bantul - Precisely on the banks of the Opak River, there is a stretch of beautiful flowers that become a new selfie spot for a traveler. It's called Kalinampu Natural Park.

The expanse of water hyacinth plants on the banks of the Opak River suddenly became an impromptu tourist spot in the Kalinampu Hamlet, Seloharjo Village, Pundong District, Bantul Regency. Because the plant known as weeds is blooming and presents a beautiful view on the banks of the river.

This selfie spot called 'Kalinampu Natural Park' is located 19 kilometers from the heart of Yogyakarta City. To reach the spot is also not too difficult, visitors only need to travel overland from Yogyakarta City to Seloharjo Village, Pundong District, Bantul Regency.

Arriving at the Seloharjo Village Office, visitors are expected to walk east about 1 kilometer. Later, there is a white gate with the words 'Kalinampu Hamlet' on the top.

Upon arrival at Kalinampu Natural Park, visitors' eyes will be spoiled with a stretch of water hyacinth in bloom. This makes the banks of the Opak River purple with a combination of white.

As a result, this rare sight makes visitors take a selfie photo with the background of the water hyacinth expanse in bloom. In fact, not a few visitors rent property clothing up to Japanese-style umbrellas to take pictures.

The resident of Kalinampu Hamlet, Seloharjo Village, Pundong Subdistrict, Bantul Regency continued, for his own concept he deliberately applied the concept of Japanese-atmosphere. Not without a reason, Rohmat admitted that he carried the theme because there was a tourist spot in Bantul that carried the Japanese-style concept





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