Viral! Having Obsession to Be a True Woman, This is a Tickle Phenomenon of Cross Hijabers


Internet Internet -The universe of social media is stirred up by the phenomenon of cross hijaber or men who like to dress shar'i like women.

This phenomenon is marked by the emergence of the existence of cross hijabers.

Like the uploads shared by Twitter users @Infinityslut on Saturday (12 Oct), there are various Insta Story screenshots of citizens related to the phenomenon of cross hijaber.

One of these photos explains that cross hijaber is a man who is obsessed with being a woman and changes his appearance with hijab, robe and veil.

The cross hijabers are not even ashamed to enter the mosque or women's toilet. They also openly show off his hobby through personal social media.

While in another photo, it was revealed a confession allegedly by a cder - a term for a cross hijaber - about their reasons why they dared to launch their hobbies in public.

A cder admitted he was not afraid, because he had the intention and confidence to look like a woman. That was used as the principle of cross hijaber.

"My principle, if we are confident with our makeup, then there is no need to be routine anymore. Just be sure if we are girls, because if you yourself are confident with outfit, other people also think you are a girl," he added.

Posts about cross hijaber make Twitter timeline up to be retweeted more than 14 thousand times.

While in the comments column, many citizens deplored with cross hijaber's actions who dared to enter the women's area.






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