Why Can Making Love Frequently Reduce Stress? This is the Explanation


Illustration Illustration - Feeling anxious or stressed out frequently? You need to take more time to make love with your partner.

According to a study conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, couples who make love more often have lower stress levels than couples who rarely make love.

Orgasm triggers the release of oxytocin, the biggest stress reliever, and after sex ends it can really improve our mood.

Couples who have sex six times per month are reported to be more stressed than those who have sex seven times per month and so the more often they have sex the lower the stress level.

"People who said they were 'absolutely not stressed' reported having sex on average nine times per month, which means that almost 50 percent had more sex than those who felt 'heavily stressed'," the study data said. .

So, from now on schedule more time to make love with a partner. So, in addition to making a better mood, bonding between you and your partner is also stronger, and not easily stressed when faced with a bad situation.






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