HMI Dumai Rejects Inauguration of HMI Badko of Riau-Kepri in Rokan Hilir, This is the Reason


(HMI Dumai rejects inauguration of Riau-Kepri Badko HMI in Rokan Hilir (photo / int)) (HMI Dumai rejects inauguration of Riau-Kepri Badko HMI in Rokan Hilir (photo / int)) -

DUMAI-HMI Dumai Branch explained that it's not trrue the inauguration of the Riau Student Association of the Riau - Riau Islands Coordinating Board to be held in Rokan Hilir (Rohil) Regency. This statement is response to the rampant news circulating on social media (Social Media).

Chairman of the Dumai Branch HMI Andi Qadri that the inauguration of HMI Badko Riau - Riau Islands has been carried out well in the city of Pekanbaru. "We reiterate and appeal that there is no inauguration of HMI Badko Riau - Kepri again. Because the Inauguration of the governor of Badko Riau - Kepri has been carried out well in Pekanbaru City at the Hotel of Jalan Sudirman Pesona on October 8, 2019 precisely at 14.00 WIB in the direction of legal and AD / ART and which directly inaugurated the Chairperson of Organization Apparatus Division (PAO PB HMI), "said General HMI of Dumai Branch Andi Qadri, Thursday (10/17).

Andi continued, that the Islamic Student Association in electing its leader or captain had a mechanism that applied to the agency, namely the outcome of the 30th congress results in Ambon City through the HMI Statute / ART.

"We have determined that the Chairperson of HMI Badko Riau-Riau Islands is Sahrin brother from the HMI Pekanbaru branch and Khairul Fadilah is from the Dumai HMI branch in accordance with the HMI constitutional mechanism, so I hope that Suparjo brothers and colleagues do not damage the Association, immediately return to the right path, and think before your youth is gone, "said Ari.

Meanwhile Ari also emphasized to the Dumai branch of HMI that they should not go along to damage the Association. "We will act decisively even dismissal of Dumai Branch HMI cadres if it damages and violates the ART of HMI. Then we appeal to all HMI cadres to maintain the conduciveness of the Association," Endri stressed.

The Chairman of the Dumai Branch HMI also conveyed to Arya Kharisma Hardy to be aware of his actions which divided the HMI organization.

"I hope brother Arya Kharisma Hardy will quickly realize his actions, do not damage this HMI organization, if you want to become the General Chairperson of PB HMI, please fight in the 31st Congress in Palembang, it will fair" Closed the HMI general chairman Dumai Andi Qadri (Bie / Release)


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