The Fuel Type of Premium is Rare, Riau's Council Will Call Pertamina


Manahara Napitupulu ) Manahara Napitupulu ) -

Scarcity of premium types of fuel oil (BBM) is starting to occur again in Riau Province. Long queues of motorized vehicles appear at every gas station, especially at several points in Pekanbaru City and Kampar Regency.

Riau Legislative Council member Manahara Napitupulu said that the scarcity of subsidized fuel will affect many things, especially the people's economy.

"From a number of gas stations there are many queues, we do not expect this,  the government must meet the needs of the community so it doesn't give the negative impact the community," he said. Thursday September 17 2019.

The PDI-P politician from Inhu Kuansing Election added that in the near future his party would hold an internal meeting with members of Commission II, and his party would call on Pertamina to ask for clarification on the current conditions.

"Commission II wil ldiscuss at this at the commission level, we can invite Pertamina to ask for an explanation and a solution so that fuel is not scarce anymore," he explained.


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