Twitter Blocked an Account that Threatened Mosquito


Twitter Blocked an Account that Threatened Mosquito Twitter Blocked an Account that Threatened Mosquito - Twitter does not hesitate in eradicating the account that send negative content, be it pornography, hate speech, to Twitter which is threatened.This is what happens in men with a Twitter account @DaydreamMatcha who protest because his old account, @nemuismywife is closed forever by Twitter.

The reason is quite simple, because @DaydreamMatcha is suspected of sending threatening tweet. Funnily enough, not a man he threatens, but mosquitoes that constantly annoy him while being at home.

Yes, the summer season became the most annoying in Japan. Not just because of the hot air, but also because during this season, mosquitoes are emerging.

Well, on August 20, 2017, @DaydreamMatcha was annoyed with mosquito bites while he watched television. Can't stand with mosquito bites, Shannan bubbling up on Twitter, which at that time was still using his old account, @nemuismywife.

"Asshole! How come you bite all me while I'm trying to relax and watch TV? Dead! (In fact you also already dead)," he tweeted was quoted as saying from Rocket News 24, Saturday (2/9).

Shortly, after his tweet has been sent, he received notification from Twitter.

"Thank you for using Twitter. Your account has been suspended because it has sent a message containing threats. Tweets containing the threats was not allowed in based on our requirements. This account can not be reactivated. Thank you for your understanding,"wrote Twitter.


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