Abdul Kadir Returns Bengkalis Regional Balloon 2020 Form to PKB DPC


Abdul Kadir returned the form to Bengkalis PKB DPC Abdul Kadir returned the form to Bengkalis PKB DPC - Abdul Kadir, one of the nominees (balloons) of Bengkalis Regent, submitted the registration form file in the 2020 Pilkada to DPC PKB Bengkalis, Friday, December 6, 2019 yesterday.

The submission of the balloon form file for Regent Abdul Kadir was represented by one of the teams namely Udastian along with other team members, because he could not attend, because he was outside the area.

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When submitting the form, it was immediately welcomed by Chairman of DPC PKB Bengkalis Misliadi accompanied by a number of management, including the Deputy Chairperson of the Suro Board and the Treasurer of the Balloon Regent selection process for the period of 2021-2026.

"He greets me with an apology for not being able to attend to return the form file directly," Udastian said.

Udas conveyed that his party was optimistic that Bengkalis PKB could form a coalition to provide support so that together with PKB it could create a prosperous, prosperous and sovereign Regency of Bengkalis Regency.

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Meanwhile, Chairman of the Bengkalis PKB DPC, Misliadi revealed, to date of the 9 Balon who took the forms, only 6 Balons had submitted the registration form files to PKB namely Karmarni, Mc Kendro, Muhammad, Masuri, Tamrin Mali and Abdul Kadir.

"Meanwhile, Norman Wahab, M Syahminan and Wan M Sabri have not returned the files. Therefore, for those who have not submitted the files, they have not officially registered with PKB," he concluded.



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