Results of Meeting with BPJS Health, Secretary of Pekanbaru Pekanbaru Said Dues Bill is Almost Comparable to Arrears to Clinics and Hospitals


Pekanbaru City Secretary M Noer. Pekanbaru City Secretary M Noer. - Many arrears have not been paid by the Pekanbaru Health Insurance Agency (BPJS) to partners such as clinics and hospitals. These arrears occur because many BPJS Health participants also have not paid dues.

Pekanbaru City Secretary (Sekdako) M Noer, Friday (12/06/2019), said that Government Regulation (PP) Number 75 Year 2019 regarding Health Insurance was issued by the government last October. This regulation regulates the increase in BPJS contributions which will take effect on January 1, 2020.

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The increase in BPJS Health contributions has an impact on recipients of aid contributions (PIB) from the government. The increase in BPJS Health contributions has an impact on governments and communities who pay contributions independently.

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"We have a meeting with BPJS Health partners. They conveyed the obligations of BPJS and arrears that have not been paid," he said.

BPJS Health has presented the amount of bills to all partners and those that have been paid. BPJS arrears that have not been paid to their partners are almost equal to the arrears of contributions.



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