Even though it is often complained about, the Transportation Bureau of Traffic Congestion in the WWTP Project Area is still reasonable


(IPAL project in Pekanbaru complained about (photo / put)) (IPAL project in Pekanbaru complained about (photo / put)) -

PEKANBARU- Congestion that occurred in several Ahmad Yani and KH Ahmad Dahlan roads due to the construction of the Wastewater Management Installation (IPAL) project has been complained by many people.

The Acting Head of the Pekanbaru City Transportation Department, Yuliarso, when asked about the current traffic flow engineering, said that the traffic engineering arrangements in the project area were running properly.

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"Regarding the traffic flow there we continue to coordinate in the field, so far it is still smooth, huh," he told reporters on Saturday (12/07/2019).

He continued, traffic engineering still refers to the old one. So far there has been no change when looking at the traffic situation in the project area.

"Traffic engineering is still being done. do not disturb the beginning, Because the traffic is flowed, "he said. (R24 / Put)



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