The tragic story of Arie Anggara, a boy that dead in the hands of his born father


The tragic story of Arie Anggara, a boy that dead in the hands of his born father The tragic story of Arie Anggara, a boy that dead in the hands of his born father - Not far from the main entrance at the public cemetery of Jeruk Purut, just about 100 meters away precisely in Block AA II, there is a tragic story there.

The 2x1 meter black stone grave very contrasts with the surrounding tombs. Unkempt and overgrown with weeds. The writing on the tombstone of white marble was almost completely erased. There are scratches 'Please, forgive papa' and 'forgive mama' which is on the right and left.

An eyewitness, Agustini admitted sad if seen the grave everytime. The 48-year-old woman had nothing blood relation with the deceased. But, she was there when Arie was buried 30 years ago. At burial ceremony, many people cry when the little body is inserted into the grave.

"Oh, I want to cry if remember the story. Until now, his grave was not taken care of. He must died after persecuted by his parents, "said the woman who also works as the tomb keeper.

Since 2000, the people was rarely have a pilgrimage to the tomb of Arie Hanggara. Sopian, an officer of Jeruk Purut cemetary said, administrative costs - which must be paid 3 years once, but until 5 years the administrative costs not pay by Arie's family.

"If it is not paid for 3 periods or 9 years (the tomb) it can be stacked," he said.

From the administrative note, the name of Mrs Dahlia was written as the family of Arie. Her address in Pengadegan Timur area, Kalibata, South Jakarta. However, when visited, the woman was not there.

Residents say, house of numbered 10 is home of Machtino bin Eddiwan and Santi - father and stepmother Arie.

Since 2004 the house has been sold.

"If Machtino and Santi I know, Machtino died in 2004 and since then this house was sold," said a resident named Rizki.

He does not know about Dahlia. But after traced, the biological mother's name of Arie is Dahlia Nasution.

Arie Hanggara died on November 8, 1984, at the age of 8 years. The little boy died after persecuted by his own father.

Under the pretext of disciplining children or frustration of being unemployed, Machtino often strikes of Arie. Slapped on Arie cheek, beating him with a broom handle, tying the legs and hands of Arie and also told to stand squat hundreds of times.

The crying of Arie was heard by the neighbors that night. But in early morning, the exhausted child could no longer survive. He was found to collapse with a stiff body. Machtino and Santi were deeply regretful, but time could not be played back.

The death of Arie Hanggara made an uproar at that time. People can not believe why parents can torture their own children to death.

Arie is the symbol of the oppressed children. But now, as time passes, not only the grave and his name is forgotten. The story of Arie Anggara is seemed to be just a story of the past. Because now in Indonesia, we can find another the tragic story like Arie.



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