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Disgusting! 9 Strange And Unique Foods That Become Favorite Around The World, Number 5 Proves the Most Tasty


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News24xx.com1. Kopi Luwak

Would you drink the most expensive coffee in the world if you knew that coffee was 'produced' by wild cats found in the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Vietnam? Civet cats eat high-quality coffee cherries, and remove undigested seeds. Because it has been through the digestive process of cats, coffee made from beans is less acidic and has lower protein and caffeine.


2. Yan Wo

Yan Wo is a Chinese name for an edible bird's nest and is mainly found in the Southeast Asian region of China. Swallow's nest, consumed with boiling water as a soup made from saliva agar in the nest.


3. Panda Dung Green Tea

A panda plays, sleeps and eats bamboo all day long. However, they only absorb about 30 percent of bamboo's nutrients and the rest goes into their feces. This panda poop is used to make green tea. Uniquely, this tea is known to have anti-cancer effects.


4. Balut or Duck Embryos

Food derived from eggs with developing embryos, then boiled alive has a reputation as one of the most delicious and unusual foods. This food comes from the Philippines.


5. Sheep brain

Food based on sheep's brain comes from India. In the mouth, these foods will taste like soft tofu in your mouth or like scrambled eggs. However, it would be more delicious if processed into fried brain or brain curry cooked by local residents. 


6. Frogs

Frogs have now become a common snack in Southeast Asia and also in France. They are also roasted and steamed. They say it tastes like chicken. Just lift the skin, season with salt and other spices. Courageous people who don't want to get rid of all the nutritious protein found in frogs will eat the skin, eyes and everything that goes with it. Frogs are not unusual for ceilings that are frequently traversed.


7. Spiders or Fried Tarantulas

Fried spiders are a regional delicacy that originates in Cambodia. By the cook, the fried spider is processed with sugar, MSG, salt, garlic, and chili. Inside the mouth this food will taste crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.


8. Caterpillars worms or Crispy Silkworms

This worm caterpillar is a crunchy food and is known to be very delicious in Southeast Asia. According to people who have eaten this food, when eaten, this unique food will taste meat.


9. Camel meat

Camel-based foods are known to be very tasty among the locals in the Gulf region. However, this camel meat ingredient is available at the grocery store. You should visit a special camel meat shop to get camel meat.



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