This two songs be trusted to calling ghost, dare to try it?


This two songs be trusted to calling ghost, dare to try it? This two songs be trusted to calling ghost, dare to try it? -  Song has a function to entertain and calm one's mind. Starting from sad songs, happy songs, or songs that can increase the spirit, all types of songs essentially to entertain.

Some people believe that the strains of the tone contain certain energies that can attract the attention of the figure of a spirit or a ghost.

Believe it or not, here are some songs that are believed to invite ghosts.

1. Asereje

The song of the Asereje was a popular song in the 90s. However, many people believe that the song that sung by the Last Ketchup group is used to worship the devil.

After translated into Spanish, some of the lyrics contain elements of the names of demons.

According to Assab tribe in Africa, Asereje is a ritual used to summon the soul of a deceased person. From there came the assumption that the Asereje song is intended to summon the souls of people who have died.


2. Nina Bobo

The popular song that parents used to put their children to sleep have a scary story behind it.

Told in a fabled fairy tale, the song tells a toddler woman named Nina, a child of Indonesian-Dutch descent who has the full name Helenina Mustika van Rodjnik.

Unfortunately Nina died in her still age, she died at the age of 4 years.

When she still alive, Nina likes to sing the Nina Bobo song by her parents before going to bed.

After she died, it brought a deep depression to the mother. Then her mother kept to singing the song of Nina Bobo every night, even though her daughter was gone. It is said that Nina sometimes appears every time this song is sung.



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