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Can Carrots Really Cure Minus Eyes?


Can Carrots Really Cure Minus Eyes? Can Carrots Really Cure Minus Eyes?

News24xx.com - Carrots are rich in vitamin A and Beta Carotene which are believed to improve the health of our eyes. From soups to juices, we are advised to eat foods and drinks made from carrots.

However, is it true that eye disorders such as minus the eye can be cured by eating carrots?
So far, we know that vitamin A in carrots can maintain eye health. But actually, the beta carotene content in carrots is good for the eyes. In the body, beta carotene will be converted into vitamin A. This is what can later maintain eye health.


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Can Curing Minus Eyes?

It turns out eating carrots can not cure disorders of our eyes, including minus the eye. That's because carrots are only to prevent, not cure eye disorders.

In addition, minus the eye occurs due to changes in the shape of our eyeballs. While the content of the carrot is more useful for the retina and nerves, not to change the eyeball.

Actually, the minus eye is rather difficult to cure. However, there are several ways so that our vision remains good when exposed to minus. The easiest way is to use glasses and contact lenses. Avoid bad habits that can trigger eye disorders, such as reading in a dark place or reading while lying down.



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