The storm of Irma causes the sea in the Bahamas be dry


The storm of Irma causes the sea in the Bahamas be dry The storm of Irma causes the sea in the Bahamas be dry -  A terrible incident occurred after Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean region. The storm caused the sea water in the Bahamas to be almost dry.

This rare phenomenon is caused by the terrible power of Hurricane Irma dragging water from the beach.

As reported by The Sun, September 10, 2017, the disappearing of sea water is evidenced in a video that posted in Twitter account with the user name @ Kaydi_K on September 10, 2017.

"I can not believe it now, this is Long Island, in the Bahamas, and the sea water is gone," wrote Kaydi_K account in the post caption.

In the video, in the beach side that was initially filled with sea water turned into dry land.

Meteorologist Angela Fritz tries to explain this awful phenomenon in her writings in the Washington Post.

"Basically, Hurricane Irma is so strong, and sucking water around it to the core of the storm."

"When the winds on Long Island are blowing northwest, on the side of the island (wind) will blow water from the shore," Fritz explains.

She added that the seawater will return to Long Island next Sunday. Hurricane Irma is classified as the highest category 5 storm with wind power reaching 185 miles per hour.

So far, Hurricane Irma has damaged many buildings and has caused more than 25 people have died since engulfing the Caribbean islands some time ago.



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