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Disgusting! Butod, Sushi with Sago Caterpillar from Malaysia, Dare to Try?


Butod, sushi with worm Butod, sushi with worm

News24xx.com - Some people like sushi, some people don't. Raw protein that is placed on top of glutinous rice can feel disgusting for some people. But for those who love sushi, this food can be an exciting adventure for them.

At a restaurant in Sabah serving Butod, or sago larvae sushi. Ie, sushi on top of which has sago caterpillars.

Based on the information, this yummy food is locally known by the name Butod. After an investigation, it turns out that Butod has been a traditional food in the Kadazandusun Murut community for quite a long time.

They usually serve Butod as an appetizer before dinner on big occasions such as weddings and gatherings, and they really enjoy the taste of ‘milky-goo‘ which melts after biting it.


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However, traditional foods from these small communities have now grown on a much larger scale. Even lately, the delicacy of Butod has become popular. This is evidenced by the many other people outside the community, especially foreigners, in droves to eat the food.

According to one of Butod sellers, D'Place Kinabalu restaurant owner, his customers usually order 500 caterpillars every week because of their short life span, and 450 of them are sold out.

Butod Sushi, which was introduced by the owner himself, basically placed sago larvae on rice and voila, now ready to be bitten for the good of sushi! In addition, the restaurant also serves Butod Pizza, where sago larvae are roasted to crisp, and as a dish fried with onions and soy sauce eaten with rice.

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Some people are curious about this unique food. Some claim to be disgusted, interested and also passionate. The owner Butod restaurant also noted that besides locals, Korean and Chinese tourists are usually the most open to trying their unique dishes.



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