Here are some factors that influence to getting twin babies


Here are some factors that influence to getting twin babies Here are some factors that influence to getting twin babies - Having twins is what the married couple wants. Thus, not a few women expect to conceive and give birth to healthy twins. In fact, anything that affects a woman undergoes double or twin conceive ?

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1. Genetic factors

Women who have twin mothers, have a greater chance of giving birth to twins. "The genetic factors of decisive twin conception are offspring of the female side. Because, women who produce eggs, "said David Davies, a fertility consultant at Portsmouth's Queen Alexandra Hospital.

2. Lifestyle factors

Women who underwent low-fat, vegetarian, and vegan diets, the potential for twin births tends to be low, rather than women who consume lots of milk and meat.

3. Factor the number of children

Davies said that women who have a large number of children, potentially have twins. Because, actively allows the occurrence of twin conception.

"Fertile women also have a great chance of twin conception," he explained.

4. Factor age

Twin conception generally occurs in women who are pregnant in their 30s and 40s.
"This condition is due to changes in ovaries working with age. So, the possibility of releasing more than one healthy ovum for one cycle, is very large, "he said.


5. Ethnic factors

According to Davies, one from 60 woman in Eastern Europe gave birth to twins. However, the opportunity is fairly minimal in women from Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, there are two births of twins from 20 or 30 conceive from each month.

"Actually there is no definite theory about ethnic influences. In some cases, native Nigerian born women have little chance of having twins while they live on another continent. However, when they are in Nigeria, the chances are greater. Could be, the influence of food and climate has a significant influence, " he explained


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