Bangladesh build 14 thousands shelter for Rohingya refugee


Rohingya refugee Rohingya refugee - Bangladesh will build 14 thousand new shelter camps for the displaced Rohingya refugee. The new camp was meant to accommodate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who are currently forced to sleep on the sidewalk, in the middle of the field, and in local hills area.

The UN's latest tally of 400 thousand citizens barely noted the Rohingya have arrived in Bangladesh, since the conflict broke out in Rakhine State, Myanmar on August 25. Rohingya militant attacks against police and military operation triggered a massive Burmese forced the exodus of citizens of the Rohingya.

As reported by the AFP, Saturday (16/9), the Bangladeshi authorities declared the new camps will build on a plot of land covering an area of 800 hectares, located near one of the existing refugee camps in Cox's Bazar, near the border with Myanmar.

"The Government has decided to build a shelter for 14 thousand camps of about 400 thousand citizens of the Rohingya," stated Bangladesh Disaster Management Minister, Kamal Shah, told AFP.

"We were asked to build shelter camps within 10 days. Each camp can accommodate six families," he added, while asserting each camp will be provided shelter, water flow, sanitation and medical facilities. “We will get help from UN agencies," he said.

Shah Kamal added that the Department of Social Welfare of Bangladesh will take care of Rohingya children who lost their parents or who come to Bangaldesh unaccompanied by their family.

The local human rights experts, Nur Khan Liton, denounced the Government of Bangladesh over the chaos of channelling humanitarian assistance. Every time the trucks of humanitarian aid arrived in the shelter, camp area always occurs scramble that led to fights. AFP correspondents on the scene have witnessed directly this kind of incident.

"Refugees continue to trickle in. But there is no attempt to impose discipline and order in the distribution of aid. Less coordination between Governments with humanitarian agencies happened," he stated.


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