Apparently, this is the simple ways to have a smooth and white face ..


Apparently, this is the simple ways to have a smooth and white face .. Apparently, this is the simple ways to have a smooth and white face .. - Coffee is often used as an opening in initiating long day activities.

Those who like to drink coffee reason, that drinking coffee in the morning can make the mind more fresh and improve mood, which is very good to start the activity in the morning.

Coffee is also believed the community can reduce drowsiness, which is because of its caffeine content. This drink is favored by both men and women.

But it turns out coffee has many functions lho ... What are those?


1. Troubleshooting Acne
Coffee bleach can be used as a facial scrub to overcome the problem of acne by making acne dry faster, so avoid acne inflammation problem.

2. Eliminate blackheads
In addition to acne, the problem at the skin is blackheads. Blackheads occur because the face has excess oil content, and the oily face used as a suitable place for blackheads. To overcome the problem of blackheads, can be done by using a dregs mask of coffee regularly.

3. Disguising of acne scars
Both coffee powder and coffee grounds, when applied on each face have the ability to disguise black stains of acne scars and black spots. This is because coffee has the ability to remove dead skin cells.


4. Brighten of skin face
In coffee there are antioxidants that work to remove dead skin cells that accumulate due to free radicals. Thus, the face will look brighter and free of dull skin.

5. Controlling of excess from oil content
The benefits of the next coffee is, when used as a face mask regularly can control the excess oil content on the face so that the face looks cleaner, free lightning and avoid acne.

6. To minimize the skin pores in face
If used as a facial mask on a regular basis, coffee can shrink the pores of the face so it can make the skin free of acne and blackheads problems. Keep in mind, one cause of the growth of acne and blackheads on facial skin caused by pores clogged by dirt and excessive fat excretion.

7. To moisturize and smooth the skin
Coffee used as a facial mask and natural face scrub on a regular basis can make the skin moist and smoother.

How to make coffee mask is easy to do, is just use pure coffee grounds or coffee grounds that are not mixed with sugar, then apply on the face as a mask, do massage or rub gently on the face, let stand about 20-25 minutes, then rinse with soap face and clean water. Coffee masks can also be made by mixing pure coffee grounds with honey, egg whites or olive oil.

To get maximum result, use face mask or facial scrub regularly, maximum 2 - 3 times a week. Also make sure that you are using genuine and pure coffee, ie, coffee powder that is not mixed with any ingredients.


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