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Gardening is a nearby outdoor activity Gardening is a nearby outdoor activity - Children in urban areas often fill their vacation time by visiting malls, others prefer to watch television and play video games at home. Parents who do not know think, watching television and playing video games is a suitable activity to fill vacation time because it does not have to waste the cost. Though exposure to television shows and video games can affect the psychology of children, which makes their emotions tend to be unstable.

Outdoor activity is actually very good to fill the child's vacation time, in addition believed to benefit the physical development, outdoor activities also serves to introduce children to the attitude of responsibility and love togetherness early on.

In addition to busy with work affairs, many parents consider outdoor activities costly. Though not always spend expensive to be able to move outside the home with family. Here are 6 ways of outdoor recreation:

1. Gardening
Gardening is a nearby outdoor activity and does not cost you a dime. Encourage your children to clean and plant trees in the home garden. Also recommend with various plants and animals found in the garden. Gardening activities are very useful to nurture the child's love for nature.

2. Cycling
Cycling around a residential complex is indeed a fun activity that can be done with children. Encourage children to ride into the residential park, let them meet with everything new to them. This activity is certainly very functional to develop child's motor nerves.

3. Kite Play
Playing kites in the afternoon is another outdoor activity that can be done without having to spend big money. In addition to fun, playing a kite can enhance a child's sense of familiarity with parents. Moreover, if the kite is made alone with the child, would be a unique experience for children.

4. Swim in the Waterpark
Encourage your family to visit the nearby waterpark. With surveillance function, let children swim and do activities they find fun. Children basically love to play water, in addition to being able to entertain them, playing in the pool can also improve the nature of child courage.

5. Picnic on the Beach
Simple picnic to the beach is the right choice and does not need to spend expensive. Bring your own picnic gear, from logistics, such as food and beverages, to other support equipment. In the open like a beach, children are trained to be responsible to themselves.

6. Sightseeing to the Zoo
Children are very happy to see something new. Take your child to the Zoo, where rare animals can be seen safely. Explain in detail what the children see, so that in addition to improving children's motor power, playing at the Zoo will also increase the knowledge of children about the fauna and nature

Given activities outside the home has its own risks, do not forget to keep an eye on your baby.*


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