Legoland Malaysia Resort to Lauch the First Lego Roller Coaster


Legoland Malaysia Resort Legoland Malaysia Resort - Legoland Malaysia Resort will launch lego roller coaster that uses VR (virtual reality). This will be the first in the world.

Themed 'The Great LEGO Race', a traveler can enjoy it on the upcoming November 2017. As the official description, Saturday (30/9), there will be also similar rides at Legoland Florida Resort and Legoland Deutschland Resort in 2018.

Merge with VR technology with thrilling roller coaster as a new attraction, this ride was developed by Merlin's Magic Making.
The Great LEGO Race will change the three roller coaster 'Project X' into an exciting experience. Children and parents are challenged to try out the best experience in the chair the steering wheel then enters into the world of lego.

The adventure of the spacecraft begins as the traveler approaches the new entrance portal with a roaring engine sound accompaniment. Nearby, a line of the coaster will resemble the area pre-racing pit crew where each of the five lego racers prepare for the competition, including interactive elements and hands-on to entertain motorists who were in the queue.

During driving, the bluetooth technology will synchronize the visual virtual roller coaster with a twist when down or ride on the track. It will be lot of new experiences full of sensations, such as surprise that makes laughing.

The Great LEGO Race can be driven with or without a VR headset and is suitable for children aged 6 years and above. For more information about promotions and events, please visit the official site of Legoland Malaysia Resort also social media accounts.*





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