Here are five dangers of belly fat for health


Here are five dangers of belly fat for health Here are five dangers of belly fat for health - Belly fat that caused by visceral fat deposits in the abdomen have a negative impact to our body. Both men and women who have excessive fat in the abdomen will also experience the same impact and harm.

What are the dangers of fat in the abdomen?


1. Makes the shape of body unattractive
With fat in the stomach, it will be very disturbing for people who are very concerned with your body shape.

Fat in the stomach will disrupt your body shape and the effect is could make you become less confident due to fatty disorders in the stomach.


2. Coronary heart disease
The visceral fat dangers and also the abdominal fat can increase a person's risk of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart is one form of degenerative disease that often causes a person to have a heart attack.

The coronary heart disease may also be due to other factors, such as genetic and lifestyle factors.

However, those who have fat deposits in the stomach are at higher risk of developing coronary heart disease just like those who have a coronary heart lineage.


3. Risk of causing diabetes
The presence of visceral fat in the stomach and also in the body, will cause the function of insulin is inhibited and also less effective, and will cause of diabetes disease.


4. Snoring
Another impact of belly fat is sleep disorders. One of the sleep disorders that caused by a distended stomach is snoring.


5. Cause of metabolic syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a disorder of the body's metabolic system, which means a person's metabolism may become non-fluent.
When a person experiences a metabolic disorder, it can lead to the appearance of other health disorders.





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