Honey production around the world reportedly contains pesticide


Honey production around the world reportedly contains pesticide Honey production around the world reportedly contains pesticide - Honey is believed as a healthy food. However, the findings of the researchers mentioned honey that contain pesticides carried by bees producing honey.

Many people in the world enjoy the honey as part of healthy foods. This is because honey contains a number of essential nutrients to keep our body's health.

However, studies conducted by the researchers thus mentioned that bee populations in the world are contaminated bypesticides, report The Guardian, October 5 2017.

This is evidenced through recent research, published in the journal Science against 200 samples of honey that 75% of it contains the neonicotinoids. Toxic insecticides that can affect insect center terms system, which caused paralysis and death.

Three quarters of the world's crops depend on dwindling bees in the last decade. A study entitled 'Nerve Agents in Honey' was conducted by researchers at the Botanical Garden of Neuchatel in Switzerland.This study reports the effect of pesticides used in the world.

The greatest contamination found in North America, 86% of samples containing more than one neonicotinoid. Followed by Asia with 80% and Europe with 79%. The smallest is South America, 57%. Two samples showed contamination below the maximum allowed risidu to be consumed under European Union law.

According to Matt Shardlow from bug's Life United Kingdom, neonicotinoid contamination in honey is warning the life of wild animals threatened by these chemicals around the world.

'We need the momentum to support the new global solution to provide high standards in environmental protection and human beings anywhere,' says Matt Shardlow.


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