Alfamart's 'Red Army' repair the damaged of city park


Alfamart 'Red Army' repair the damaged of city park Alfamart 'Red Army' repair the damaged of city park - Dozens of employees of PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk, Alfamart Pekanbaru, perform social services to beautify the City Park Jalan Cut Nyak Dien Pekanbaru, Tuesday (10/10).

Since 08.00 AM, "Red Forces" Alfamart is directly joined the park cleaners and planting land with various types of plants. There are hundreds of new plants grown in this Cut Nyak Dien park. Starting from the type of mini jasmine, cypress to some tree species in the corner of the garden.

Alfamart Corporate Communication Branch, Eris Estrada Sembiring said, activities to beautify the city park is a reforestation program that is routinely held. Not only in Pekanbaru, similar activities are also conducted in other cities.

"Today we go straight down to fix the city park, this park has many functions, besides for greening and beauty, also a place to relax for Pekanbaru residents, so let us keep it together for green and beautiful shades," he said.

He hopes there is synergy from all parties to keep the greening in Pekanbaru City. So that there will be a lot of green land that became the center of the city's beauty and recreation of the people.

Planting and clearing the park finally finished at around 11:00 AM. Alfamart also gives gifts to janitors as an appreciation for their efforts to keep the beauty of the city park in Pekanbaru. ***


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