A woman nearly killed after trying to satisfy her lust with an eel


Foto : Zhang Foto : Zhang -  A woman in China nearly died because trying to satisfy her lust by using a live eel.

The Vlogger named Zhang inserted eels into her sex organs. And the action was broadcast live using the forbidden platform app, Tiger.

Zhang previously wrapped the eel using a condom and inserted it into her cock to masturbate.

Unfortunately, the eel moved into Zhang's body, and causing the Vlogger to be rushed to the hospital.

The doctor was forced to perform surgery to remove the eel from Zhang's body.

According to doctors, Zhang could be killed if eels are not immediately issued through surgery. Zhang's mischievous action has been recorded and her video is widespread. Related to that, the police have arrested Zhang along with 22 other people that involved in the Tiger application.

According to reports, the Tiger application has over a million subscribers and earned RM 822 571.00 for two months of operation.

Since last January, China's Anti-Porn Position has closed seven 73 unlawful platforms for live streaming.


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