The most powerful drones in the world with unique shapes


Foto : Flying Tank (Internet) Foto : Flying Tank (Internet) -  Drones have a quadcopter - like design, and similar to a mini-propeller plane.

To control it, users need to use the smartphone and special remote control in order to fly the drone in the air.

There are some drones that come with unique designs.

In accordance with the development of drone technology, its form even more sophisticated.

This is the drone with a unique shape :


1. Loon Copter

This drone is also dubbed as amphibious drones. In addition to flying, this drone can also swim even dive in water like a submarine.

2. Sprite Drone
This drone is shaped like a thermos. The excess of this drone is flying with auto pilot.

3. Parrot Disco
This drone has a shape like a fighter but the front of the drone is a 14MP resolution camera and can flying until 45 minutes. Parrot Disco also has a speed until 80 KM / hour.

4. Flying Tank
This drone is very similar to the tank with the propeller above it. The excess of this drone can pass through various fields.

5. Skry Prowler

Skry prowler dubbed as drone transformer. This drone can be transformed into 2 different types, namely aeromodelling and quadcopter. And this drone can also change the mode when flying and equipped with an autopilot system.


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