Ostia, the land of Mafia in Italy


Ostia, the land of Mafia in Italy Ostia, the land of Mafia in Italy -  Ostia is a beautiful coastal town in Italy but nicknamed Mafia by The Sea.

International media such as Herald Sun, News Australia to AFP recently raised profiles about Ostia. Quoted from various sources on Monday, November 13 2017 Ostia is a coastal city that is still included in the province of Rome, Italy.

"If you see nothing, hear nothing or say nothing, then you can live here," one resident told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Ostia is home for 85,000 people. The lives of its people depend on plantations whose inhabitants are still living in poverty.

Ostia has a stretch of white sandy beaches with clear blue sea, as well as several historic buildings.

In fact many travel sites that call Ostia as 'Rome's Hidden Beach Town'.

But in a few days ago, a journalist had been prosecuted. The journalist was beaten by a man named Roberto Spada, as one of the Casa Pound officials. Roberto Spada has the most votes in the election of local government heads.

Then, rumors about Ostia the Mafia City unfold. There is the headquarters of Casa Pound, the Italian political movement fascist ideology whose members more than 5 thousand people.

"The capture of Spada is proof that there is lawless region in Italy," the statement from the Italian Interior Ministry said.

The Italian government will continue to crack down on political movements that are rated as mafia.

Reported to date, actually already many investors who want to go to Ostia to establish hotels, villas, resorts, but they are afraid of its mafias.


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