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Similar to the case of Rina Nose, made blasphemy of Islam a sexy girl died with terrible way


Similar to the case of Rina Nose, made blasphemy of Islam a sexy girl died with terrible way Similar to the case of Rina Nose, made blasphemy of Islam a sexy girl died with terrible way -  Recently, netizens in Indonesia got shock with a news from an Indonesian presenter, Rina Nose who decided to open her hijab, for no apparent reason.

It caused a polemic, moreover Rina has many fans in Indonesia. Many netizens considered that she was apostate and has insulted her religion, Islam.

Similar story ever happened in Alexandria, Egypt.

One day, a girl who was affected by the style of Western going to a place with a minibus. She want to get to tourist attraction in the Alexandrian region.
Unfortunately, despite her living on in the environment of Islamic tradition, the girl's outfits are very striking.

She used a thin dress and accentuate her curves. Whereas in the bus, there are many men.

The girl was about 20 years old.

Inside the bus, there was an old man try to admonishing her: "O girls! It would be nice if you used a dress more politely, in accordance with Eastern and Islamic customs and religion. If you dress like this, you will surely become a victim of men. You could be sexually abused or even raped, "the old man said.

However, instead of apologizing to the old man, the girl give an answer that made the old man and other passenger was shocking: "Who are you? Are you trying to remind me to cover my body while my own birth parents never advise me? Do you want me to use a polite dress while I still want to show my body to public? Are you have any keys to heaven in your hand? Or do you have power that determines if I will be in heaven or hell?

After saying those words, the girl laughed.

Then, the girl then tried to give her phone to the old man while saying, "If ISLAM is TRUE, please take me in Hell and also with my handphone too. You can call your God and ask Him to provide a room in hell for me," she laughed again.

The old man was very surprised to hear the answer from the sweet girl. Unfortunately, her beautiful face is not the same with her behavior.

Another passenger was silent and some passenger very confused.

Everyone on the bus ignores the young girl who does not respect the laws of religion and they do not want to advise her.

Ten minutes later, the bus arrived at the bus stop.

The sexy girl falls asleep in front of the bus door. The bus driver including the other passengers woke up the girl up, but the girl was unconscious.

Suddenly the old man checked the girl's pulse. Apparently the girl has returned to meet her God in an unexpected situation.

The passengers became worried by the shocking news. Suddenly the corpse of the girl fell to the side of the road. The passengers immediately went down to rescue the corpse.

But once again they were surprised . Something strange happened to the corpse who has lying stiff on the highway.

Her body became black as if burned by fire. Two of three people who tried to pick up the corpse were also astonished because their hands were hot and almost burning when touch the corpse.

Finally they called the security to take the corpse of that young girl.

We may forget about death, but death will not forget to us. Only time will determine when we will return to God.


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