Viral, an old man in Nagoya almost died after eat this fish


Viral, an old man in Nagoya almost died after eat this fish Viral, an old man in Nagoya almost died after eat this fish -  Fugu fish are the most dangerous fish species that contain of toxins. This fish is known as poisonous fish in Japan. As an archipelagic country, Japan has a coast that is widely used as a fishing location.

The production and consumption of fish in this country is also very high. Various types of fish can be processed into delicious dishes including famous Fugu fish species are very toxic. Only chefs with certificates are allowed to process and serve the Fugu fish.

Rocket News reported on Thursday, November 30 2017, that a man around 60 years from Nagoya almost should be brought to the hospital after eaten this fish.

While fishing, he got a Fugu fish and he wish it could be a delicious breakfast menu without knowing the risk.

On the morning of November 29th, this man cooks and eaten of Fugu fish and all his activities run smoothly. But unfortunately late afternoon right at 16:00 pm local time he instead felt unwell. All the muscles in his body felt very painful.

Unbearable, the man finally went to the hospital to check up about his condition. At the hospital, the doctor found a palytoxin in this man's body. This poison comes from the fugu fish that he eaten when breakfast.

He very shock and not realized if the fish that he caught was a Fugu fish. But he does not understand if this fish contains deadly poison.

Toxins that contained in Fugu fish can damage the body's work system. The symptoms usually occur for 12 to 24 hours after eating. The risk that arise is muscle pain, shortness of breath until death.


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