Snooze, Facebook Feature to Hide Someone’s Posts


Snooze, Facebook Feature to Hide Someone’s Posts illustration - Have you ever been annoyed with a friend's post on Facebook, but it's not good to unfriend them? Well, now there is a solution: we can hide a post in a while.

After doing a series of trials in last September, Facebook officially released a button feature called Snooze. With this feature users can hide posts in the desired time, such as a week or 30 days. After passing from the specified day then the post will re-appear on the main page.

According to Facebook as quoted from Ubergizmo, Sunday (17/12/2017) with Snooze users do not need to stop following our friends’ post. The snooze button is an attempt for Facebook to prevent users from unfollowing permanently against certain accounts, pages, or groups.

Although previously Facebook features Hide or Hide posting, but the workings of different features Snooze. If the user clicks the Hide feature then the friend's post will be permanently lost and will not reappear.

For the Snooze feature, users can set a time limit until when you do not want to see their posts.*



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