Lionsgate revealed the first look of Robin Hood


Lionsgate revealed the first look of Robin Hood Lionsgate revealed the first look of Robin Hood -  'Robin Hood' back to the big screen. The fans can now see for the first time the Nottingham rebel behind the TaronEgerton figure. Lionsgate has debuted 'Robin Hood' to the public through its first official photo debut. The film will also feature Jamie Foxx as Little John and Eve Hewson as Maid Marian.

The photo was released via Entertainment Weekly, Roobin Hood was seen aiming with his bow and arrow. Another photo shows a tritular rebel with Maid Marian.

He was seen teaching a woman how to shoot. Other features include Robin Hood and Little John, who are leaders of the Merry Men group. Otto Bathrust directed the film with a portrayal of the classic story.

"You have not been a legend for 800 years if you just stole some money bags from rich people to give to the poor," Bathurst said.

"In my mind, Robin Hood is a militarized sort of anarchist revolutionary, freedom thinker and truth seeker, and the more I get into the story, it's surprising how highly relevant what is happening in today's society."

Egerton added his reasons for joining the project. He calls Bathurst's unique vision its primary motivation.

"I was approached shortly after the first 'Kingsman' movie came out, and my initial response, to being completely honest, was 'Why?'," Said the actor 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'.

"Otto told me that he wanted to do something completely revisionist, something that cannot be attributed to the medieval universe. The first shoot in the film was scenes in the Crusade, written like something from 'The Hurt Locker', and that convinces me enough ".


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