Five exciting features from our mobile that unknown by many people


Five exciting features from our mobile that unknown by many people Five exciting features from our mobile that unknown by many people -  We collect some useful tips for smartphone users that can surprise your friends and make your life easier.


1. To take some pictures of a city from a car window
If you do not have enough time to enjoy the scenery while you are traveling, you can take a panoramic picture while driving and take a closer look at it later.
Enable panorama mode on your camera phone, and hold your device on the same plane.


2. To view infrared radiation
Now you can more easily to check your TV's capabilities. Just remove your smartphone, and start the camera app.

Then grab the remote control, point to the camera, and press any key. You will see a red light if your remote control battery is working properly.

With the help of the phone, you can also make a flashlight from the TV remote and surprise your friends. Each smartphone camera distinguishes infrared rays (which connect the TV and small light bulbs on the TV remote control).

3. To enable guest mode
This helps especially if your mother borrows your phone for a few minutes. Unfortunately, this function is only available for Android 5.0 and later.

Swipe down from the top of the quick settings panel, tap your avatar, and choose "Add guest" to enable this feature (and set all the "guest" functions you can do).


4. To turn your phone into a pair of glasses
This is very helpful for people who are nearsighted. Turn on your camera, and place it near some text. You will see an enlarged picture (do not forget to tell your grandmother about this tip!). It's also useful when watching a sports match at a stadium or concert - you'll see all the details from the farthest line.


5. To create an ultraviolet flashlight
Take the phone with the flash setting, some sticky tape, and blue and purple markers. Paste one layer of transparent ribbon above the flash, and color it with a blue marker. Then attach one more layer of masking tape, then paint it blue again. The last layer should be painted purple. When you turn your flashlight on in the dark, you'll be able to see ... something interesting (including germs on all surfaces!)



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