Achmad and Harris can change the political map in Riau, if they do this


Achmad and Harris can change the political map in Riau, if they do this Achmad and Harris can change the political map in Riau, if they do this -  Since the candidate incumbent, Arsyadjuliandi Rachman got support from the Party of Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP), the political map in Governor election in Riau changed immediately.

The names that will fight is predicted will more.

Golkar Party which has 14 political seats and 9 seat from PDIP, is more than enough to carry Arsyadjuliandi Rachman as a candidate for Riau Governor in Riau Governor Election 2018.

But according to Political Observers Riau, Jupendri, the political map of Riau Governor 2018 can still change.

"The political map will still change if Achmad or Firdaus MT gets support from Democratic Party and Harris gets support from the Golkar Party," said Jupendri, on Thursday, December 21, 2017.

Jupendri also conveyed the Democrat Party has 9 seats in the DPRD Riau. It only takes 4 seats to meet the Election Commission (KPU) minimum of 13 seats to carry candidates from the party.

"Today, there are many alternatives to the party that can be invited to join the coalition, especially since they are moving to the Party of Amanat Nasional which has 7 seats, is very possible," said Jupendri.


The lecturer of Faculty of Communication Sciences of UMRI assess either Achmad or Firdaus MT have a strong chance to gain support from the Democratic Party.

Nevertheless, Firdaus MT is still lucky because he was Mayor of Pekanbaru, while Achmad not be the regent of Rokan Hulu again.

While Harris can also change the political map if the Regent of Pelalawan can get support from the Golkar Party.

But, all the final results are in the hands of political party elites.

"Politics is dynamic, I predict that in the next four days or the end of this year there will be another surprise for the Riau Governor Election," he said.

With Gerindra Party which has 7 political seats, Party of Amanat Nasional with 6 seats, and PPP with 5 seats, National Democratic Party with 3 seats, Party of Kesejahteran Sosial with 3 seats, and Hanura with 2 seats. Jupendri predicts the candidate in Riau Governor Election 2018 there are 3 or 4 pairs.

"With taking the names of Lukman Edy, Irwan Nasir, and Syamsuar I am guessing that there are four pairs that will appear, it's mean the competition will be heavier, " said Jupendri.


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