United States Prepares to Drown the North Korean Ship


James Norman Mattis James Norman Mattis - The United States (US) finally responded to propaganda by North Korean President Kim Jong-Un's regime. During this time, North Korea continues to test the launch of a ballistic missile called can reach the mainland of the United States (US).

It is said by US Defense Secretary James Norman Mattis to the military forces. Mattis insisted that all US troops at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to sink the whole time when North Korea (Korut) if war occurs.

As written by Sindonews, Mattis says that despite Pyongyang's claim to have created nuclear weapons, Washington is still superior. Mattis conveyed that Kim Jong-Un has done nothing in vain with intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

"If discussions and negotiations do not work, you (military forces) should all be ready to go," Mattis told all the soldiers.

Mattis also believes China and Russia as North Korea allies will not want nuclear war. "If we have to do military force. We will make it the worst day for North Korean life. When the war arrives, all the submarines it has (North Korea) must be drowned. All the boats it has (North Korea) must sink!," Mattis firmly.

As now, the United Nations Security Council (UN) has imposed new sanctions on North Korea. Sanctions are granted because Kim Jong-Un's regime is determined to test his latest ICBM. The witness was a prohibition of derivative products and oil exports to North Korea by up to 90 percent.


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