The sign of mental disorder in social media users


The sign of mental disorder in social media users The sign of mental disorder in social media users - The used of social media has become part of people’s lives. However, as the increasing used of social media, we can feel its impact in the community.

The phenomenon is now often occures is the case of the use of social media to fool others. The way to do is manipulate the look of the photos on your profile or even using photos of other people.

According to psychologist Untung Subroto Dharmawan, people who like to use someone else's photos or make a photo look better than the originals, showing that the person is not a person who's got confidence.

"They assume there will be no one knows because there will never met with other people directly," said Untung, Tuesday May 16 2017.

More,he revealed, now also appears is social media users who experienced a factitious disorder. This is a disorder where people complained of pain to get the attention of others.

"Historically, this much is done by the patients of the hospital. But now, through the internet,"said Untung.

If traced back, said Untung, people experiencing this disorder was caused in their past maybe they ever abandoned, did not note a parent or teacher, or the possibility of ever being a victim of bullying.



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